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The Unseen - 7 messages by Randy Pope on Compact Disc

Product Description

We all face The Unseen throughout our lives. The Unseen World is filled with angelic beings, helpful angels, as well as fallen angels. These angelic beings, which affect every human life, are constantly involved in spiritual warfare. Satan, our Unseen Enemy, was created as a sinless angel named Lucifer and lived in the presence of God. We will learn about his rebellion, deception, and ultimate defeat by Christ's death. And see how Satan's Unseen Allies include the power structures, pagan religions, and seductive influences of this world. We will also investigate the armor of God, the reality of our warfare, and what to wear to war. Satan's Unseen Strategy is to tempt, deceive, and accuse. Understanding what a war zone is, hearing specific cautions regarding them, and learning how to recognize Unseen War Zones will help us keep our spiritual guard up.

Seven messages plus a review by Randy Pope on compact disc.