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Answer, The (Chinese simplified version) - paperback book, single copy

Answer, The (Chinese simplified version) - paperback book, single copy



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Answer - Chinese (Simplified)

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It is obvious the influence of Christianity in our society and culture has been waning for some time. Why? Many in the United States claim they are Christians, yet the divorce rate and broken families among the Christian population is similar to that of non-Christians. Why? Many Christians, though claiming they trust the Lord, but live a very unsatisfied life. Why? It is because many Christians have accepted a watered-down or distorted Gospel by the influence of secular culture. This distorted gospel, though sounds appealing, can neither provide true satisfaction in good times, nor provide strength during challenging times. In a story telling style, the author of The Answer presents succinctly the core tenets of the Gospel. It brings the readers back to the Biblical truth. This book will surely make a difference in one’s Christian life.